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Managed Colocation

            Is your business running out of space, power, or cooling for your servers? Do you need more redundancy and security for your IT infrastructure? Do you need to scale beyond your in-house capacity? We offer a range of managed co-location services to best suit your needs now, and for future growth. We also have staff on hand 24/7 for emergency support to keep your critical systems online.

            Many businesses, who keep their computer servers within their own offices, endure countless reliability and performance problems.  Some of the most common pitfalls are power outages which can incapacitate and sometimes destroy your servers.  Another typical problem we see are servers which die prematurely after being overheated every weekend due to the office building cooling system being deactivated as a cost saving measure by the property management firm.  In other instances, some of our clients are not able to have sufficient electrical, cooling and or network capacity installed in their office to support their IT infrastructure.

            While trying to address some of the problems mentioned above, many businesses are surprised to learn just how expensive it can be to properly house and manage their IT infrastructure.  While a small closet may be sufficient for one or two servers, the typical office environment can not provide the needed battery, generator, redundant network connections, and excessive cooling required for even the smallest of server footprints.  Building your own data room can cost millions of dollars to do properly and even when making compromises in reliability and security it is still common to see six digit costs for very small data room installations.  All those expenses can take away from the operating capital you need to run your core business.  Let BITS help you reduce your costs and increase your peace of mind by helping you move your servers into our secure and reliable data centre and then monitor and manage your servers for you.

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