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IT Support

            Is your computer crashing? Is it running slow? Are your programs not working properly? Is your office network slow? Do you have trouble transferring files between your computers? Is your email not working properly? We offer a range of desktop and office network support services, give us a call and let us help take your pain away.

            Our staff are proficient with Apple, Microsoft, and Linux operating systems and the services/applications which are layered over those operating systems. We use all 3 platforms extensively within our organization and are not only experienced with the individual platforms but also the intricacies of how these differing systems interact together. We have been supporting our clients who use both homogeneous and heterogenous combinations of those operating systems.

We have extensive experience with:
– Phone systems
– Printers
– Desktop computers
– Servers
– Networks
– Firewalls/VPNs
– Video surveillance

Looking for a custom solution? Get in touch!